Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The work ahead!

Hello Readers!

Today I have a goal set in mind for the entertainment center and mobile builds. I feel this will be important for  me to set these goals to ensure I have all the different parts available as I need them. To see the plans for these builds that I put together please visit their respective links.

Entertainment Center: (http://blogspud.blogspot.com/2012/07/pallet-board-corner-entertainment.html)

Today I am focusing
on three different parts of this project.

  1. Remove the boards necessary for parts 2 and 3 from the pallets. I need to cut 36 3x32" boards and 15 boards of various sizes (according to my plan) for the side panels and shelves for the station.
  2. Next I'll need to cut the angle boards for the shelves and start the joining process for those. These will pretty much be the backbone of this project so I'll need them finished before Thursday. So if step three does not get completely done today It would not be as important as step 2.
  3. Then I plan to make a 45 degree angle cut on the panel boards and then join them using a drill and fasten system with some strong wood screws I picked up from Home Depot. 

For the Mobile I have a slightly more simple plan for this evening. Today I just plan to work on building the center bar parts which will dictate most of the rest of this build.

As always, thanks for reading and make sure to check out the other blogs on Pallet Craft!

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