Monday, July 30, 2012

Progress, Progress and more Progress!

Hello Readers!

This past weekend, a major trend took place, it rained constantly and unrelentlessly. That being said, I was able to utilize my carport this weekend to get things moving on the pallet entertainment center, and the recycled lumber crib mobile. So lets dive right into the action!

Pallet Entertainment center!

This is probably the most exciting project for me since the pallet wood table that many of my readers saw in my first post on this blog. On Saturday, I was able to inspect, and cut the boards I needed for the entertainment center, and finally put together the unfinished first draft on the walls for the build. I want to work these walls into beautiful pieces but it is going to take some time to get them exactly as I want them! Check out the progress photos on this project below!

Recycled Lumber Crib Mobile! 

So this is turning into a fun project! From cutting the pieces to making a wooden vice, this has been great. I have also been able to stay in my house for this with the exception of the jigsaw cutting. The vice knob is made of the same bird shape as that will be on the mobile ornaments. My silly mistake on this was that I made the thread backwards and it is "Lefty Tighty, Righty Loosy"! Check out the progress pics below!


  1. It's not real clear on how your making your vice, I would like to see maybe a step by step instructional if you could. Thank you Ram49

  2. Hello Ray! I will be sure to post it for you as soon as it is finished. So you can expect to see it by the weekend.