Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pallet Wood Patio Table... Recycling at its best!

This week I embarked on my latest creation adventure which I made out of pallet wood boards... a patio table with benches! I wanted this to
look pristine and clean while maintaining a sort of rustic feel that the pallet wood gives to it.

So I went through my stock of pallet boards and pulled the best quality / matching sized boards I could find and used them in the project. The only things I bought for this project were the screws (I normally use the pallet nails for the ultimate recycling, but I wanted something more sturdy for the set), water proofing seal, stain and sand paper (all of which I had in my storage so really I spent nothing on this project), I use a hand sander lookalike from Black and Decker with a 7-1/4" Circular Saw type model from Ryobi.

Over the coarse of the week I produced what you see below through endless sanding, gluing (and dodging northeast rain storms) and utilizing a unlimited amount of patience! Finally I applied antique maple gel stain which I think really brings out the beauty of this set. I also built garden boxes from pallet wood, but I will post about those later on.

Side View
Vertical view, its not a crooked table,
bad photography...
Table Top view

Gotta build 3 more of these,
but I really like this one so far!

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  1. Nice table. And great that it's outf pallet wood. I've been collecting a stash of pallet wood and disassembling I haven't made anything with it yet because I don't have a planer or jointer. What did you use to get your materal square. My husband keeps telling me I don't need either one of those tools until of been working with wood for years and making big projects. But I have all this free wood and I don't know how to clean it up and make it useable. Please don't say "sander". Lol. I have sanded some pieces that were pretty easy and they still were quite a job. I still don't see how I could get them square. And right now what I have is a random orbit sander. I start with 60... Move to 100 and then 150. Open to suggestions.

  2. Oh... And I found your blog via LumberJocks.

  3. Well what I used to cut the boards is a good ruler, and a power skill saw with a laser. It's going to take several cuts to get this right. I had to do so as well. Unfortunately I do not have a planer and joiner either. I want to get a planer because then I can really do this right. But I am making do on a small budget as of late. Start small, the wood is free so practice cuts, also use clamps, the have a piece of wood move on you during a cut will ruin your day and is not safe. Good Luck!

  4. Great work. I am definitely impressed. I work for a ministry in St. Louis that makes stuff out of recycled pallets. The sales support the ministry, and our skills come in handy, and it's something we can teach to those in need. None of were woodworkers when we started, and we're about 3 years into it. Check it out: