Monday, July 16, 2012

Blast from My not so Distant Past! Wedding Cake Table!

Hello All,

Well I did some inventory of my pallet stock and I need more pallets to begin my entertainment center project ( So I have to wait till I can re-assess my inventory after my next pallet pickup on Wednesday evening.

In the mean time however, I
decided to post something that is not related to my pallet craft blog. Introducing my side (filler) blog, "Blast from My not so Distant Past!" I will be using this blog title to introduce a project from my past. So here goes.

My wedding cake table!

This is one of my earliest creations using my newly bought tools back in May 2011. The legs and table top I took from a fallen oak tree. I knew it would not last forever due to cracking and the fact that I cut it green, but it looked perfect for the wedding. The worst part of this project was hauling the trunk and top out of the woods, but with the assistance of my brother and brother in-law, we made it to the car. Check out my project photos below!

My cutting plan for the bottom of the table top.

The Finished product!

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  1. I remember when you and Jeffery went into the woods in back of the house and cut down the tree and managed to make this lovely cake stand for your wedding. Great work!

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