Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sign Carpenter!

Hello Everyone!
So I have been blogging at my site: Pallet Craft and I realized I haven’t talked about my name sign in ASL. I am not deaf nor do I have any deaf children, but my wife wanted to
learn it with my baby daughter, so I decided to go ahead and give it a go. It is fun, so we have to pick name signs. Since I am really into wood working I decided I was going to use my first initial “E” and the sign for “carpenter” which is actually a compound of two signs “Carpenty" & "Agent“. Personally I think its really cool to communicate with your hands and I invite you all to learn to sign “Carpenter”.
First: start out by making a fist with your dominant hand and planing it accross your flat second hand as shown:
Second: Perform the same move again moving your hand back to the beginning completing the word carpentry:
Third: now sign for agent my taking both hands parallel to eachother and drop them down:
Finished: Personnaly I sign this with my first initial “E” taking place of the fist:
I hope you all enjoyed this little side story and I hope to showcase more work soon!

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