Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pallet Craft: Rainy day, perfect for brainstorming!

Hello All,

Well today was kind of a bummer, a rain day interupted my plans to wood work, but my wife suggested a project that she would like me to do... a mobile for our daughter's crib. "BRILLIANT!" I thought to myself as I grabbed a pen and some
paper and proceeded to sketch my design shown below.

Mobile Design Sketchup

This design is pretty simple, the neck of the mobile will extend out over the crib and will be supported my two braces that lock it in place and join together at the base. The parts will be fastened in place and below the base will be a clamp I am going to build that will hold the entire unit in place. Now because this was a request from my wife, I have to put this one in front of all my projects but I am glad I have a list to keep me working! I do plan however to keep working on my entertainment center as that requires alot of pre-work. So here's to the brilliance of rainy days!

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