Saturday, October 27, 2012

Frustration leads to Rushing which leads to more Frustration

Hello Readers,

That's it! I have had enough for one day!... Well that is what I should have said, but if you know me I can't seem to help myself when it comes to frustration and working on things. I know I should stop, after all, all this frustration is just leading me to rush through critical parts of the project!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Out of the shadows.

Hello Readers,

I have been working on several projects this year and I have made a lot of progress in the way of building things from pallet wood and ultimately showing the worth of the wood contained within the crude pallet structures.

I have had some great successes such as the highchair:

As well as the storage bin:

The Pallet Gate:

And many others. But I am looking to bring pallet wood out of the shadows and into a more "highlighted" discussion. And I have finally come up with 2 or 3 projects that will really shutdown the "non-believers" and finally prove once and for all the worth of pallet wood.

So what are the projects? Well that is still under wraps. but I promise, to have some  up here by the end of November. Until then, enjoy my recent projects on: Pallet Craft!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Bath Tray!

Hello Readers!

I thought I would take the time to show you what was my first project that I ever used a hand block plane on. I had just bought a block plane from Home Depot (lower end model) the night before, and I was eager to try it out. By the end I was and still am more than satisfied with it's operation. No sooner had I researched how to properly use one, was I practicing on the boards I used for this bath tray. I was happy with the newly planed wood, so I decided to go ahead and practice mortise and tenons for the base board to attach to the tray top. I made the mistake of cutting the tenons before I planed the base board and knocked off one... had to re-do it... Also, when cutting the mortises I stupidly punched through one of them after having done the first one nicely... So I had to fill it on the top. Overall I learned how to block plane boards, to plane the boards before cutting mortise and tenons, and what not to do when drilling and chiseling out mortises. Check out the photos below and see my other pallet projects here on Pallet Craft!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I've got Christmas projects on my mind!

Hello Readers!

Well from the title of this entry, you can probably guess what this is about. Yes, Halloween has not even come yet; Yes, Thanksgiving is more than a month away! But I have learned that planning and starting now will give me the time I need to get the projects done. Why wait until the snow is falling and the bitter cold bites?

So what will I be building? Well that is a secret and I will post all about them on December 26th and 27th. I don't want any gift receivers to read my blog and then know what is coming!

So in preparation for my builds, I have taken the time to collect more pallets and man am I thrilled with my latest pickups!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pallet wood gate!

Hello Readers!

Child safety time! Yes, my youngest of 7 months found the stairs (no child was harmed in the making of this blog...) so I decided it was time to build a safety gate! This project was made from wood that someone was throwing away, but mostly pallet wood. Yep, they threw away perfectly good wood... Like it was worthless or something!!! As always, enjoy!

P.S. Can you spot the evil cat! His name is Carl, and he is undoubtedly evil!

Replacement storage shelves!

Hello Readers!

This was another project that my wife asked me to build for her (seems to be a trend... yes...). To replace an old ratty hanging cubbie storage for my oldest daughters closet (nightmare) situation (totally messed up and unorganized pile of good toys and clothes...). I used some warped wood pallets to build this project to give it life of its own, and it shows! Well done me!... or is it the wife that should be thanked? Probably... Enjoy!

Pallet wood wall shelves!

Hello Readers!

Well my wife asked for these, so I built them for her so I could satisfy her request. Pretty simple really, I took a whole pallet and cut it in half and then hung them on the wall. As for the other shelves, those were to replace some laminated (BLAH!) shelves we had.

(I need a better camera... Stupid phone!)

Pallet Highchair!

Hello Readers!

I'm on vacation! So now I will share some projects I have been working on and have completed recently! Check out the self designed pallet wood highchair for my daughter who was 6 months old when I built it (she is 7 months old now), and we use it daily. As you will see from these images, the chair is made completely of pallet wood and contains an ornament duck on the back. I am very happy with how this came out in the end. This project took me one week to complete, having worked patiently on one part at a time each day. My wife asked me not to post pictures with the baby sitting in it on the internet, so I will be a good husband and abide by her request. Enjoy and comment below!