Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My new inspiration hub! And an update for the Maloof rocking chair.

Hello Readers!

Just a quick update: I got plans for the maloof chair, so I will be studying these extensively for my build.

My wife has been perusing pinterest and the internet and has stumpled upon a few DIY pallet creations that she loves and wants me to recreate. Well its safe to say I am at no shortage of projects now... Here are a few of the projects she has in mind:



This is one of my "would like to build this" pieces.


Now you might have noticed if you read my other entries that I prefer to build things using the wood FROM Pallets instead of building things out of WHOLE pallets. Well its my wife so I will pretty much do these anyway, heck... they are still pallets! Three cheers for plenty of projects ahead!  


  1. This is really creative recycling Ethan :)

    1. It actually is very creative, and to think that pallets are discarded as trash by most if not all businesses that need them. One man's (business) trash, is another man's treasure!

  2. I love your ideas! I have so many of my own, and frantically look for abandoned pallets, or on craigslist for freebies. I keep showing my wife the possibilities, but I think she needs to see one in person for her to realize the benefit. I think I'll make a coffee table to replace the one we've never had, lol.